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Learn about Indo-Pacifics history and why they are a leading competitor in the industry

Established in 2006, Indo-Pacific Environmental is an environmental consultancy specialising in studies of coastal marine, estuarine and freshwater fauna and ecosystems. IPE researchers have attained a high level of qualification through tertiary studies, specialised training and industry experience. IPE maintains strong strategic links....



Indo-Pacific has been working on a number of different Projects. Please view them below.

The expansion of MRM from underground to open cut operations lead to one of the most ambitious river diversion projects being undertaken in the southern hemisphere. The project resulted in over 5.5 km of the tropical McArthur River and 3.5 km of one of its tributaries being rechannelled. In 2006, as part of the project approvals...


Industry Solutions

Indo-Pacific is commited to providing project solutions to its clients

IPE is committed to providing project solutions to its clients. We have invested in equipment and investigated methodologies which aim to efficiently deliver high end data whilst minimising the cost, time and risk to personnel. IPE in partnership with Underwater Environmental Services (UES) and Oceaneering Australia (a leading ROV technology provider)...



Indo-Pacific Environmental works in close partnership with its clients to understand their requirements and applies expert technical knowledge of aquatic ecosystems to implement scientifically rigorous programs aimed at delivering project solutions.

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