IPE is committed to providing project solutions to its clients. We have invested in equipment and investigated methodologies which aim to efficiently deliver high end data whilst minimising the cost, time and risk to personnel

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)

IPE in partnership with Underwater Environmental Services (UES) and a leading international ROV technology provider are investigating the feasibility of using a modified light work class ROV to conduct a range of monitoring tasks. The aim is to provide a cost effective, efficient and, most importantly, safe alternative for monitoring programs which often rely solely on commercial dive teams for the collection of data and retrieval of monitoring instruments. The ROV is capable of performing multiple sampling roles with a number of these occurring simultaneously. The performance of the ROV will be assessed during a pilot study to be conducted in mid 2012. A number of capabilities have been identified, including:

  • Benthic habitat assessment
  • Demersal fish surveys
  • Coral health monitoring
  • Collection of benthic infauna
  • Investigations of sediment deposition (e.g. dredge spoil grounds) and sample collection
  • Hull and harbour inspections (Introduced marine species) and specimen collection
  • Pre-impact site inspections
  • Water quality monitoring