IPE is committed to providing project solutions to its clients. We have invested in equipment and investigated methodologies which aim to efficiently deliver high end data whilst minimising the cost, time and risk to personnel

Baited Remote Underwater Video System (BRUVS)

IPE has owned and operated BRUVS since 2008 to conduct visual surveys of fishes. BRUVS are a remote sensing technique which pose little threat to fauna and the surrounding environment and are safe to operate. BRUVS are used in deeper waters and in situations where risk exists to researchers, for example tropical waters inhabited by estuarine crocodiles. BRUVS are also commonly used to compliment other sampling techniques and have been applied successfully in nearshore habitats such as within the canopy of mangroves.

IPE is currently investigating a Western Australian designed stereo BRUVS capable of delivering high quality imagery from a unit that is compact, collapsible, and light (thus easily transportable) and the components of which are cheaper to maintain and replace in comparison to other products currently on the market. The aim is to provide a cost advantage to clients through a reduced equipment billing rate, reduced freight costs and reduced replacement cost.