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Indo-Pacific Environmental works in close partnership with its clients to understand their requirements and applies expert technical knowledge of aquatic ecosystems to implement scientifically rigorous programs aimed at delivering project solutions.


Established in 2006, Indo-Pacific Environmental is an environmental consultancy specialising in studies of coastal marine, estuarine and freshwater fauna and ecosystems. IPE researchers have attained a high level of qualification through tertiary studies, specialised training and industry experience. IPE maintains strong strategic links with other specialist consultancies and research institutes throughout Australia in order to tailor research teams where additional specialities are required.


In Partnership We believe the relationship with our clients is as important as the project outcome.

Ethically Our business is the environment and our aim is to ensure its protection. We favour the use of non-invasive and non-destructive sampling and assessment techniques to mitigate potential impact to the local environment and fauna.

Efficiently Each project is run by people who are experts in that field. IPE will source and engage industry specialists and partners when a task is considered outside the skill set of our staff. Project planning and the design of appropriate methodologies means time and energy is precisely assigned.

Integrity We have no hidden costs and no hidden agenda. IPE operates honesty and transparently and believes open communication with its clients and project stakeholders is the key to success.

Accuracy Through experience in the design and execution of scientifically rigorous programs.