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GLENCORE - McArthur River Mine (MRM) Monitoring Programs

Indo-Pacific Environmental has worked with McArthur River Mine since 2006. Our initial involvement related to the mines expansion from underground to open cut operations which saw the rechannelling of over 5.5 km of the McArthur River and 3.5 km of one of its tributaries. IPE continues to conduct biannual monitoring of aquatic fauna which is used to assess the rehabilitation of the new channel and provide guidance on strategies aimed at re-establishing functional habitat.

IPE currently conducts a number of additional scopes several of which monitor the marine environment and operations at the Bing Bong Loading Facility. In recent times IPE has also begun investigating the use of terrestrial and aquatic vegetation to assess metal uptake in the environment. Another recent project has seen the installation of an acoustic receiver array throughout the McArthur River to provide valuable information on the movements of tagged Barramundi and Freshwater Sawfish.

A number of our projects have large community engagement and consultation components which see IPE working closely with local people and ranger groups from Borroloola and the Gulf of Carpentaria region.