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In 2010 IPE formed part of a survey team which conducted studies of marine and freshwater biota of Woodlark Island in the Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. The baseline information collected during the survey formed part of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and investigated a number of coastal areas and potential infrastructure locations. IPE conducted surveys of marine fishes occurring in estuarine waters, mangrove habitat and adjacent coral reef located offshore.

This involved the utilisation of a range of sampling methods including gill and seine nets in inshore waters, and visual methods including snorkeler video transects and BRUVS on coral reef habitat. A census of species caught by local fishers was also conduced. In addition, inshore areas and mangrove habitats were surveyed for macroinvertebrates through live picking, trapping and grab sampling. Observations and information on the occurrence of marine mammals and turtles was also attained. The surveys were conducted with the assistance of people from a number of Woodlark Island’s communities.